Building bridges & Growing Business


My name is Emily Waldmann and I am an experienced B2B and B2C Sales & Business Development professional, having worked in this position for 18 years now with Nordic and international companies, opening up new business, building up existing business and relationships, supporting all sorts of partners and customers.

I was living and working in London, UK 12 years ago, however I have been predominantly based in Sweden and Spain working for Nordic and international companies. This varied experience has given me a substantial knowledge and experience of sales and business development in these markets and I have been successful in building up strong customer contacts and a wide business network in concrete industries.

My university career was based on international and multi-cultural experiences. This has been of great benefit to me both in social and professional contexts. I am a responsive person who easily reads people and their needs in different situations and on different levels. I have also been fortunate to develop and perfect a solid base of languages, being fluent in Swedish, English and Spanish. After two years of Business & Communication at the American University of Saint Louis in Madrid, I decided to focus on a Business Management Degree at Staffordshire University in London, UK.

All of my job roles have involved a large degree of responsibility, initiative, teamwork as well as a close contact with my customers. I consider myself a positive, dynamic, driven and pro-active person with strong communication and negotiation skills.

Professional Profile

“18 years working experience in international Sales & Business Development for leading Nordic & international companies in the Swedish, Nordic, Spanish & UK markets. All of my roles have required a very high level of communication, negotiation skills and result-orientation. I set myself high standards and objectives, which I enjoy working towards. One of my strengths lies in my flexibility as I enjoy a close working relationship both with my customers and colleagues, and at the same time I’m also independent, with great capacity to take initiative in working towards a common goal.”

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